Polycom Installed Audio

Polycom Installed Audio

Polycom Soundstructure C Series

Polycom produce a range of installed audio solutions including the Soundstructure C8, C12 and C16. Each of these units incorporates digital sound processing (DSP) with features such as audio matrix routing, configurable mic/line inputs/outputs, echo cancellation, feedback elimination and equalisation (EQ).

Design Integration specifies the Polycom Soundstructure products for applications where complex audio routing and processing is required. They are essential in room telepresence applications where third party wired/wireless microphones are required as these need to be echo cancelled prior to reaching the codec.

The Soundstructures are supplied with varying numbers of inputs and outputs (C8 has 8 of each) and can be directly connected to Polycom’s unique HDX Ceiling Mic Array, where a combination of different microphones are required. There is also the option to connect an analogue telephone line and use the Soundstructure as a telco for audio conference calls.

Ceiling installed mic

In summary the Polycom Soundstructure is a true integrator product suitable for a wide range of installed audio applications.

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