Cisco VCS Expressway

Deployed in conjunction with Video Communication Server (VCS) Control Application, the Expressway Application provides standards based firewall traversal for H323 and SIP devices. VCS Expressway enables secure communication with the outside world, regardless protocol enabling organisations to utilise all of their telepresence assets and connect seamlessly with third party endpoints not associated with their LAN/WAN.

VCS Expressway

One of the unique selling points of Expressway is that no packets from an external call ever actually reaches the corporate network. Referencing the diagram above, if a call came into the H323 or SIP endpoint from the internet, that call would actually be hosted on the VCS Expressway sitting on the outside of the firewall. This is achieved by the VCS Expressway instructing the internal VCS Control to initiate a call out to Expressway from the endpoint in question. Expressway then seamlessly connects the two sites on the outside of the firewall.

This provides unrivalled network security and users are totally unaware that this procedure has occurred.


Cisco Tandberg VCS Expressway Application Key Features:

  • Supports all H323 and SIP devices
  • Designed to work with any firewall
  • Firewall traversal H.460.18/19 and STUN compliant
  • Full multi vendor support
  • SIP presence server and user agent
  • Up to 2500 registered devices and 100 concurrent traversal calls
  • Enables URI dialling for massive scalability
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