Cisco Personal Video Systems

The workplace is changing. Increasingly video conferencing and telepresence users join together in a video community where everyone has access to the most powerful communication tools. Personal telepresence solutions can fit on your desk or sit on your PC or Mac, ideal for home offices and telecommuting applications.

Through standards compliant video solutions that don't sacrifice business quality, personal telepresence allows you to seamlessly integrate video with your workplace tools, access phone books, and always be in visual contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Cisco Desktop Conferencing – EX Series

The EX Series revolutionises personal telepresence...the first with absolute quality 1080p30 video, the easy-to-use touchscreen interface and unmatched collaboration. See every corner of your business, from your desk. The sleek, modern style complements any office. Streamline your desk and your communication with one PC screen, video and phone design.

By extending telepresence to the desktop, everyone is within reach reservations necessary. Some of the distinguishing features of the EX Series are:

  • Absolute quality with no compromises:amazing face-to-face from your desk with vivid, lifelike 1080p30 resolution on either a 24 inch or a 21.5 inch optimal high-definition screen
  • Touchscreen interface:the 8" interface is simple to use - just a glide of the finger to make and manage calls.
  • Natural collaboration:collaborate as if you're in the same room... moving seamlessly between sharing a presentation, CAD Drawing, prototype or even a sketch. Flip the camera and it becomes an instant HD document camera. Even add a second screen that can bededicated to content.

Cisco MOVI

Cisco MOVI

Mobility is the new way of working. For workers in home offices or well-traveled "road warriors," Movi* offers a cost-effective, easy to use video solution that allows them to stay visually connected to colleagues, customers or suppliers.

  • With only an existing PC or Mac and a USB Camera, thousands of users in a video-enabled enterprise can connect from public spaces or remote offices whenever they need.
  • Compared with consumer-based Mac and PC video solutions, Movi offers unparalled quality, reliability and ease of use.
  • Mac and PC video users should not be an island. Movi is a standards-based solution, and it is interoperable with the rest of an enterprise video deployment.
  • Movi users can access directories from the Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) and other personal video tools like FindMe™ to enhance the Movi experience and increase adoption.

When you add Movi to an enterprise, you lower the cost-per-user of video deployment, while raising the productivity of your organisation.

Cisco Telepresence Extensions  - E20

Cisco E20

Reinvent the desk phone by bringing personal video to the business VoIP phone. Face-to-face no longer requires side-by-side, making it possible for instant, in-depth discussions and collaboration from anywhere.

The IP Video Phone E20* is a business quality personal video conferencing unit that allows for a fully integrated video experience. The E20 is for organizations that want to expand personal video conferencing usage to all levels of an organization by video-enabling users at the desktop.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager offers native connectivity to IP Video Phone E20, offering a call control manager for video and voice.

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