Switching and Distribution

Audio visual systems often consist of more than simply a display such as a projector, a source such as a laptop and several meters of cable connecting them together. Depending on the requirement there maybe multiple sources or input points, multiple displays and even multiple signal formats all of which will require an element of switching and signal distribution to enable users to select and route the desired image through to the display/s.

Design Intergration

For large systems where a combination of analogue and digital sources need to be switched and scaled to a common output we recommend Crestron Digital Media. This unique range of products seamlessly handles all input types, converts analogue sources to a digital format and handles EDID transmission to multiple displays. It is also possible to run digital signals over long distances via DMCAT or DMFibre and therefore allowing central storage of control, switching, distribution and amplification equipment.

Where there are simplified requirements Design Integration specifies only high quality AV switching and distribution equipment from manufacturers such as Extron & Kramer Electronics. Extron & Kramer produce a large range of audio visual products to fulfil almost any requirement including:

  • Presentation Switchers
  • Matrix Switchers
  • Distribution Amplifiers (splitters)
  • Signal Processors and Scalers
  • Signal Range Extenders (via twisted pair or fibre)
  • Video Wall Processing

Extron Application Diagram

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