Crestron Programming

Crestron Programming

A Crestron Control System is only as good as the programming and configuration that is provided by the AV Integrator at the time of installation or during subsequent modifications.

Design Integration’s programmers are fully Crestron Certified and work with our clients to ensure that their equipment is programmed to operate with ultimate simplicity whilst retaining a high degree of functionality.

Our Crestron Programming Services cover the following areas:

Functionality Agreement –A large AV System with diverse input sources and multiple displays will have many variables in terms of which video or audio source is routed to which display and when. Our programmers will work with you to agree the essential functionality required within a system prior to incorporating it into a finalised panel design and accompanying set of code. In some cases there may be two levels of functionality, one for basic users and one for support staff, which includes additional features unlikely to be required on a day to day basis.

We believe a Crestron System should simplify operation for users and wherever possible we incorporate this ethos into our design.

Touchpanel Design – Crestron Touchpanels are totally configurable by our programmers to reflect the exact equipment within a system and functionality required. In addition our designs are tailored to reflect our clients corporate branding and general ambience in terms of residential installations.

We have provided some example panel layouts in our Gallery, which will provide a good introduction to our intuitive interface design.

Crestron touchpanel layouts

Click here to view our Interactive Touchpanel Design

(NB : ActiveX must be enabled and browser selection Internet Explorer)

Code Creation – Crestron equipment is designed to be totally configurable and exactly match the functionality required from an Audio Visual System or practically any other controllable device with a suitable interface. To provide this ultimate flexibility programmes are created in Crestron’s proprietary SIMPL Windows, SIMPL+ and VTPro languages. These can be combined with user modules where required to provide a powerful tool capable of creating a reliable, highly featured and expandable control programme for any application.

It is worth pointing out here that we have come across potential customers, that would benefit from a Crestron Control System, but have concerns about who owns the finished code and whether they will be able to seek competitive quotes when a programming change is required. Any change, however small, to a Crestron Programme requires possession of the original source code and in some instances this can be used by non certified dealers as leverage to keep a contract even if the client is unhappy and wants to seek an improved service elsewhere.

Design Integration is opposed to all “code-as-hostage” policies and as such any Crestron Programme created on behalf of a client will be owned by that client and made available to them upon request.

Crestron Commissioning – Once an installation is complete a Crestron Certified Programmer will attend site to commission the system. The Touchpanel Layout and Code will all have been created and tested in advance but as with any bespoke design there may be small changes and modifications required now that the equipment is in an installed environment. Once commissioning is completed we will provide comprehensive training as required to ensure that users get the most from their Crestron controlled audio visual system or integrated home.

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