Audio plays an essential part of the av systems supplied and installed by Design Integration. Whether it is a simple accompaniment to a meeting room projection system, a dedicated audio requirement for conferencing, voice re enforcement and public address or a residential system requiring multi room audio and cinema surround sound we have partnerships with leading manufacturers such as Bowers & Wilkins, Crestron, QSC, Rotel and Shure.

Design Intergration

Each of these manufacturers has many years experience of developing high quality audio solutions in their own specialist areas:

Bowers & Wilkins – B&W are a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers to fulfil a range of requirements from custom installation to hi-fi or home theatre. The Bowers and Wilkins ethos is to produce speakers of such quality that they reproduce sound as accurately as possible and Design Integration have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients.

Crestron – Residential product portfolio including multi room audio amplification and distribution. These products are ideally suited for large systems where they are designed to integrate seamlessly with other Crestron Control technologies and creating a fully automated home. Crestron are at the forefront of integrating their products with other leading audio manufacturers such as Apple. IPod docking stations and an Ipod Server are available with all album, artist, and cover art information displayed on the Crestron Touchpanels for remote control. Crestron Apps are now available transforming your IPhone or Ipad into a control interface for your system whether you are at home, at work or on the go.

QSC – Aimed at commercial installations QSC’s product range incorporates power amplifiers, DSP units and speakers. QSC have been developing quality audio products for over four decades and we commonly use their products within corporate installations for programme sound and audio reinforcement using their range of rack mountable amplifiers and versatile speakers for mounting in/on walls and ceilings.

Rotel – Renowned for their dedication to manufacturing excellence Rotel produce a range of av receivers, pre amplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers and source equipment such as DVD players, CD players and tuners which are ideal for use in residential and home theatre applications.

Shure – With over 80 years experience in producing exceptional quality microphones and audio electronics, Shure are our preferred partner for provision of wireless microphones or monitoring systems, antenna distribution and wired microphones for lecterns/top table. We also use their DSP units for audio routing, mixing, EQ  and for controlling audio distribution in flexible spaces such as split partition conference rooms.

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