Service and Support

Service and Support

Once an audio visual project is completed Design Integration offers a unique “Site Maintenance Contract” to ensure ongoing reliability and a swift response should there be a problem in the future.

For an annual fee we will provide preventative maintenance and emergency call outs at a particular site or location. It doesn’t matter whether the some or all of the equipment was originally supplied by Design Integration so there are no disputes about serial numbers or whether certain equipment is covered or not. Our agreements are cost effective, as they don’t include parts, they are simply an insurance against unexpected charges for labour, consultancy and our expertise.

The agreements are for a fixed 1 year period and will provide the following benefits:

  • To respond to service calls by telephone within 4 working hours
  • To respond to emergency calls by attending site within 9 working hours
  • To provide replacement fly leads, cables and terminations as appropriate
  • To handle all manufacturer warranty claims on the behalf of the “customer”
  • To provide consultancy, user training and quotes for replacement parts as required
  • To include all labour that may be required in repairing/maintaining the system
  • To provide loan projectors/accessory equipment where possible
  • To provide an annual service/system health check visit

Our full terms and conditions can be downloaded from our resources section.

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