Rack Pre-Build and Test

Rack Pre-Build and Test

The hub of any system is the audio visual head end (AVHE). At Design Integration wherever possible we design our systems with the core control, distribution, central source and amplification equipment all installed in a central 19” equipment rack.

These equipment racks come in various designs from leading manufacturers such as Middle Atlantic and Prism. They can range from units as small as 8U, which are designed to install within standard credenza’s right through to multiple 47U 800x800mm Prism cabinets for extremely large or entire building systems.

Rack front

Whatever the type of enclosure or complexity of system our rack builders pride themselves in the quality of work they produce. All cabling is identified and neatly loomed in so that the system is easy to maintain and is fit to be installed in high calibre meeting rooms or comms rooms.

Once populated with equipment and wired we bench test the racks and prove the systems prior to them being shipped to site. The rack technicians will then supervise the site cables being loomed in, numbered and integrated with the head end equipment.

Rack rear

Installation of AV equipment by Design Integration within dedicated equipment racks provides the following benefits:

  • Professional look and feel to the installation
  • Cable and thermal management
  • Power management, filtering and distribution
  • Increased reliability and longevity protects investment
  • Easy to service
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