Resources - Telepresence

Cisco Endpoint C20 (Quick Set)

Quick Set C20 small room telepresence system

Cisco Quick Set C20.pdf

Cisco Endpoint C40

C40 integrator telepresence codec

Cisco C40.pdf

Cisco Endpoint C60

C60 integrator telepresence codec

Cisco C60.pdf

Cisco Endpoint C90

C90 high capacity telepresence codec

Cisco C90.pdf

Cisco Infrastructure VCS

VCS Control/Expressway telepresence controller

Cisco VCS.pdf

Polycom Accessory EagleEye Director

Learn more about Polycom's dynamic camera tracking solution for telepresence

Polycom EagleEye Director.pdf

Polycom Accessory Touch Control

Learn about Polycom's touch control interface for room telepresence systems

Polycom Touch Control.pdf

Polycom Endpoint CMA Desktop

CMA desktop license application for personal telepresence

Polycom CMA Desktop.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX 4000

HDX 4000 personal telepresence system

Polycom HDX 4000.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX 6000

HDX 6000 room telepresence system

Polycom HDX 6000.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX 7000

HDX 7000 room telepresence system

Polycom HDX 7000.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX 8000

HDX 8000 large room telepresence system

Polycom HDX 8000.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX 9000

HDX 9000 integrator room telepresence system

Polycom HDX 9000.pdf

Polycom Endpoint HDX Range

Leran more about the complete range of Polycom HDX Room Telepresence systems

Polycom HDX Family Brochure.pdf

Polycom Endpoint Packaged Solutions Brochure

HDX integrated endpoint solutions

Polycom HDX Packaged Solutions.pdf

Polycom Endpoint PVX

PVX standalone SD license

Polycom PVX.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure CMA 4000

CMA 4000 Converged Management Application

Polycom CMA 4000.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure CMA 5000

CMA 5000 Converged Management Application

Polycom CMA 5000.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure DMA 7000

DMA Digital Media Application for controlling multiple RMX

Polycom DMA 7000.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure RMX 1500

RMX 1500 mid range conferencing platform

Polycom RMX 1500.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure RMX 2000

RMX 2000 real time media conference platform

Polycom RMX 2000.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure RMX 4000

RMX 4000 enterprise collaboration platform

Polycom RMX 4000.pdf

Polycom Infrastructure VBP Series

VBP series firewall traversal units

Polycom VBP Family Brochure.pdf

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