Resources - Kaleidescape

1 - Kaleidescape System Brochure

Learn more about the Kaleidescape product family

Kaleidescape System Brochure.pdf

2 - Kaleidescape Movie Collections

Learn more about Kaleidescape's range of pre selected movie collections

Kaleidescape Movie Collections.pdf

3 - Kaleidescape Marine Brochure

Learn more about deploying the Kaleidescape System on marine vessels

Kaleidescape Marine Brochure.pdf

Kaleidescape 1080P Player

High definition player

Kaleidescape 1080p Player.pdf

Kaleidescape 1U Server

Relaible storage for movies and music - maximum capacity 6TB

Kaleidescape 1U Server.pdf

Kaleidescape 3U Server

Reliable storage for movies and music - maximum capacity 24TB

Kaleidescape 3U Server.pdf

Kaleidescape Cinema One

All in one DVD and music server

Kaleidescape Cinema One.pdf

Kaleidescape Conductor

Synchronises Kaleidescape music to ITunes

Kaleidescape Conductor IPod MP3 Player Interface.pdf

Kaleidescape M300 Player

High definition player

Kaleidescape M300 Player.pdf

Kaleidescape M500 Player

High definition player with inbuilt reader for Blu Ray Disc, DVD and CD

Kaleidescape M500 Player.pdf

Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault

Physical storage of Blu Ray Discs - HDCP compliance

Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault.pdf

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